We offer a total end to end diagnostics solution to animal farmers. Our edge device will offer diagnostics through odour detection and through our IoT network send the data to our AI empower cloud based platform and to the collaborating veterinaries. These veterinaries will later on be bookable for close digital inspection via video and audio solution in our app.


Neurofy™ offers the most advanced and reliable solution to address the animal farmers pain points.


Neurofy™ Diagnostics, Neurofy™ Milk and Neurofy™ Meat are modular solutions that easily can be integrated into enterprise products or complement the enterprise product portfolio.


Neurofy™ has developed an easy and attractive distributor program so any distributor can join Neurofy™ within an hour.

Our approach

It should be easy for farmers to diagnose their crops and animals. The results should be obtained in a matter of minutes for farmers to be able to take necessary actions to save their animals and crops

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