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Swedish matches goal is to produce the best Swedish snus that can be found. With a focused research and development work for several decades.

All common crops for food consumption contain undesirable substances. You may have heard or read about reports that alert you, for example, to high levels of arsenic in rice. If we get too high doses of these substances, our health can be adversely affected. Some substances may be potentially carcinogenic. This is why food law at national and international level sets strict limits for maximum permitted levels of these particular substances in food. Since the early 1970s, snus also sounds under Swedish food law. Just for the same reason. The undesirable substances found in common foods are also found in tobacco.


We think the Swedish food law is good. We think the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tobacco Control Committee recommendations for maximum levels of undesirable substances in non-smoking tobacco products are also good. But we go even further. Our own quality standard GOTHIATEK sets more and harder limits than any legislation or authority in the area. The reason is simple, for us snus users it should feel safe to enjoy a prill made in one of our factories in Gothenburg or Kungälv. Furthermore, we also want to guarantee our snus users the highest product quality in each individual box, by having 100% control at all stages. We are the only snus manufacturer that offers such a quality standard.

Together with Swedish match, c-sense has developed a pilot and has run many tests to introduce the perfect instrument to obtain the desirable amount of the wanted elements in snus and tobacco products.

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